Reply To: This Site needs work!!


Can agree, the navigation to find downloads and past orders is a hell of mess. And in fact you can´t find old orders from the freeware section that was some time ago visible. And the installer for the addons especially the subware is a totally shit programm, as you told – often is a login not possible – and on the site iteself it happens often taht you are suddenly not logged in anymore. And a download of a new version from the installer is not possible because not to find in the account. The Guy from the site should be change this whole procedure – he should throw out this shit installer and should do it as any other seller – with serials or an other working online-check as Just Trains. And the subware – should be handled as any other addon as normal addon to buy, if neccessary any followed phase x update as seperate addon to pay.

And by the way: in this forum are many shitty spam people as those above me. If we see, nobady cares about the forum and the site. If so, those spam people would be deleted and banned!