Reply To: TSW3 Route DLC Suggestion – Elizabeth Line


Honestly, that’s a fair idea for it to be in pieces
But the problem is lag, due to the map there being insane for the whole route: but I believe a shortened crossrail route could well work, perhaps reading – abbey wood..?
A 332 seems unlikely, and I believe it’s easier on dovetail to just modify the London commuter 387 to make it a 387..?
For now though I still would rather just have branch lines for Great Western Express so the original route becomes less linear, because as of now: it’s really boring. It would be nice just for a Greenford, Heathrow, Henley, Windsor & Marlow branch.
A total of 23~ miles, make it £29.99, like all TSW3 routes, and you have a total of 58~ miles!
The variety would be nice, West Ealing-Greenford shuttles, the rare service on that branch to greenford, a fast heathrow express into Terminal 5, or perhaps a stopping 360 into terminal 4 (not a 345 as that is alot harder to model/do in my opinion), maybe just a shuttle from slough-windsor, maybe a stopper into henley, or perhaps a marlow-bourne end shuttle, or maybe just the full run, on a cookham non-stopper! The variety would be insane, and if you owned GWE this would be free. So much variety for a route of only 50-65 miles!