Reply To: TSW3 Route DLC Suggestion – Elizabeth Line


Thanks for your response and views, it always helps to see things objectively from another perspective.

You are more than likely correct, it may cost a considerable amount to have the whole line done all at once, but one can also argue that adding “Extended versions” of the route at £15.99 a pop could make the overall cost exceed the £60 mark, say for example:-

Great Western Express Extended – Heathrow Branch
Class 332 & Class 345 stock

Elizabeth Line Add-On Part 1 – Paddington to Abbey Wood
(Merge with Great Western Express Extended)
Allowing through running of services from Reading to Abbey Wood

Elizabeth Line Add-On Part 2 – Whitechapel Junction to Ilford including Ilford Carr Sheds
(Merge with Elizabeth Line Add-On Part 1)

Great Eastern Main Line – Liverpool Street to Colchester
(Merge with Elizabeth Line Add-On Part 2)

Class 321, Class 322, Class 360, Class 745, Class 755.

Obviously this all pie in the sky at the moment, but who knows…