Reply To: ECML Merge QD problem

John Clarke

Ok guys, think I found the problem but it takes some editing in the Build section.
The reason is that the path is trying to find ‘Doncaster – Platform 3’ but from the map, Doncaster has no platform 3 – It has Platform 3A and Platform 3B.


1. Enter the build section -> Scenario (At the top) -> Find East Coast Mainline -> Select QD SB and hit edit
2. It places us at KGX which is a bit annoying so you have to head to Edinburgh. Some of the already used markers don’t get us to where we need so enter these coordinates: LAT: 55.95936 LON: -3.17750 then the play button
3. Let the scenery load and then you should be around Platform 9. There should be a player spawn marker (Orange Hex on a blueish stalk)
4. Click on this. It should turn red. Now, what we’re looking for is a pop-up box to appear on the right side of the screen. Double click on it until it does – it can be fiddly so try to click on the stalk away from the X,Y,Z cube.
5. This brings up the route that the QD will take to KGX. If you look on Doncaster, the destination will say ‘Doncaster – Platform 3’. Highlight the Doncaster entry and click the rubbish bin (Delete destination)
6. To add Doncaster back in, we need to bring up the 2D map. This is under the compass wheel at the top of the screen. Again, when you first click it, it will be in KGX so you’ve got to move the map to Doncaster. Using the stations that are already there can help.
7. When you’ve located Doncaster, zoom in so you can see the station platform names. Here you will see no Platform 3, hence the problem. To add it to the list, click the green ‘+’ button and click the green track on the 2D map next to the platform you want to use (I just use 3B)
8. This should bring it up in the box where we deleted the old entry. Now, we have to use the Orange up arrow to place it in the correct place (Between Retford and Newwark Northgate
9. Delete the ‘- Platform 3B’ in the friendly name section, making sure the ‘Via’ box is selected.
10. Leave the 2D map and hit F2.

Now you should be able to drive all the way south without any problems!

I did try and just add the ‘B’ part in the Destination name section of the box first off but that didn’t seem to work for me – not sure if anyone else has tried this with this?