Reply To: Working on a Scenario for ECML merge

Pejay Hill

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have to stop work on the the scanario that I was creating. I was wearing my rose tinted glasses whn I saw the merge for the East Coast Mainline and thought great, I wouldlove to drive the whole lengthin a realistic simulation. Its a pity I did not read the whole reqirements properly, I had most of them and bought the York To Peterborough route not realising the the DPS extemsion is an integral part of the route. That add on also requires other routes that I do not have and cannot afford to buy at this present time. The main issue is at Docaster for this particular scenario, there is a signalling issue. There wwre significant changes made in the merge that are different from the DTG route. My scenario will play from start to finish with a hiccup because of SPAD in this area, so maybe it will run perfectly for those who have all the requirements.If anyone is interested in playing or modifying this scenario contact me and I will send you the package. In the meantime, I might think about working on the merge route and putting in the missing OHLE and rectifyingg the speed errors on the Edinburgh to Newcastle section, as well as tin kering with the signalling issues at Doncater.