Reply To: Working on a Scenario for ECML merge

Pejay Hill

As you can imagine creating a scenario of this length does take time.I am at the stage now of drive testing the entire scenario which as you can imagine is a lengthy process because with the best will in the world, the proof in the pudding is always in the eating.Using fast play in editor does not always pick up flaws or AI crashes. I have done as far as Doncaster and it all seems to work well, sadly I made a fau par by directing the train to pick up passengers from platform 4 at Doncaster, if you do this in TS 2021 you are then directed on an indirect path. So Platform 1 is the best option.If all goes well I should be ready to package the scenario ready for publishing in a couple of days.I would like some advice on how to make a good presentaion for publication, things like requirements etc and everything needed in a readme text.Thnaking you in advance.