Reply To: Working on a Scenario for ECML merge

Pejay Hill

It has turned out to be a pretty dauning task, especially when you want the scenario to be as accurate as possible. Reality, throws a psanner in the works.The ECML route is undergoing major upgrades so accuracy with timetables is specualtive that all should return to nromallity by September 2021.I came across an anomaly with TS 2021 and the time it takes from Newark to Peterborough…….when you test the scenario using the fast play in scenario builder….the driven train arrives late by some 6 minutes. At over 4 hrs , I have not yet got to the stage of driving the full lenght , I have one or two tweaks to perform. I also made a terrible mistake of ed8ting the scenario during a fast play and saving it ……of course what that does is save the scenario from the point at which you paused it rathewr than revert to the original staring point , old age cathes up with you. Good job I had the good sense to Clone the scenario.Personal qustion for you Alan……Has anyone created engineering rolling stock? Doncaster has this large engineering depot, it would be nice to see realistic consists, I have included some of your reskins and those of DP simulations, but sadly I could not find any actual machinery.