The developer subscription programme

On there is the option for users to take out a yearly subscription. This gives them premium benefits over other free users and access to more content.

We feel that it is appropriate to give something back to the people who invest their time in creating great content for the simulation series. Therefore we have created a subscription system which means people can invest in the future of the simulator knowing they are helping out those who create content for it.

Not only do we use some of the profits from the site to invest in new content and tools for the simulator we also return some of it back to the people who host their content with us.

If you would like to participate in that community payback scheme then we offer a platform where users can subscribe to download your content.

We run this site for the benefit of all. Yes there are hosting costs and administration issues and the time spent creating things and running things but ultimately we all run the simulator as well and so want to see the very best content. Freeware is great but sadly, not everything in life is free. We feel that if you are getting something back from investing your time then that’s good for everyone surely?

How does it work?

When content is hosted on the subscription part of the site we are able to generate figures telling us how popular that content has been. We know how much was downloaded by people who have paid a fee for the privilege. We allocate a proportion of everyone’s yearly subscription as ‘payback’ and then split this over the 12 months of the year. We then proportionally allocate all of those twelfths across the most popular subscription downloads in the month.

For example;

Say 100 people have active subscriptions to the site in January then that is 100 x community payback portions allocated from their subscriptions.

We then divide those 100 portions by 12 to give a monthly allocation.

We then work out what proportion of the unique monthly downloads any given download has as a percentage. (e.g. If 500 downloads were made in total and 50 of those downloads came from one product then that product would account for 10% of the monthly download count)

We then distribute the monthly allocation across the developers in proportion to the popularity of their downloads. (e.g. in the example above the developer would receive 10% of the monthly allocation)

How do I receive my payments?

We distribute payments to developers using PayPal

How much is allocated from the subscription?

This can vary as the costs surrounding running the site and it’s administration vary. Typically we would allocate no less than 30% of the subscription.

Can I just charge for access to my files?

Yes, we also offer a payware / dontationware’ option for developers – please see here for more information

Do I have to host files on the subscription part of the site?

No, you can host your files totally for free and offer them as freeware with no download restrictions or limits. You would not qualify for the community payback scheme however.

How do I participate?

To participate please get in touch – we can manage the uploading of all your content and give you a complimentary 10GB cloud storage for it.