Wherry Lines Scenario Pack

Wherry Lines Scenario Pack

8th April 2020 0 By Peter Morris

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The Wherry Lines Scenario Pack follows the real life timetable of the head code that the scenario is based on. All player consists (trains) use the AP Class 156 Enhancement Pack, due to the lack of ‘Flirt’ trains within Train Simulator, therefore, using the AP 156 EP. All scenarios of time of Publish are in the future around May time, but follow the scheduled real time timetable of the respected head code.
This scenario package contains 5 realistic scenarios, with the correct AI timings. This scenario has been made throughout 5 days, to ensure realism and detail.

Requirements (Also Situated in the readme)
Scenario [1-4]
AP Class 90 (Passenger)
AP Class 156 EP
AP Class 158 EP
Due to the limitation of used AI, these are all the requirements, due to the lack of real life stock.
Scenario [5] (Fictional)
AP Class 156
AP Class 90
Wherry Lines (And extra stock)
Please note: This scenario is fictional to the extent of the player consist. AI is to real life timing.

Scenario 1: 2P01 0543 Great Yarmouth – Norwich
Operate a Class 156 DMU from Great Yarmouth to Norwich on the First run of the day.
Length: 32 Minutes

Scenario 2: 2J62 0627 Norwich to Lowestoft
Take a Great Anglia Class 156 DMU to Lowestoft.
Length: 40 Minutes

Scenario 3: 5G02 0920 Lowestoft – Norwich
Hello Driver! Take a Class 156 Diesel Multiple Unit to Norwich from Lowestoft
Length: 40 Minutes

Sceneario 4: 2G03 1012 Norwich to Great Yarmouth
Operating a Class 156 Diesel Multiple Unit, you will form 2G03 from Norwich to Great Yarmouth
Length: 28 Minutes

Scenario 5: FICTIONAL 5P11 Great Yarmouth – Norwich
Operate a Class 156 (4 Car) back to the depot, you have been drafted in to recover the rear set.
Length 40 Minutes

All scenarios have been created with the player in mind, and has 4-5 hours of playable experience.

If you have any questions or problems please email me at [email protected] or comment below!