West Coast Mainline South (v5.1) Scenery tile file patch

West Coast Mainline South (v5.1) Scenery tile file patch

14th February 2019 2 By Alex55

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This patch is required for the West Coast Mainline South (v5.1) route which is available as a “Premium Content” download on this website.
The patch MUST be applied AFTER installing the main route (West Coast Mainline South v5.1).

The patch is available either as a standard zip, containing a “Content” folder, which needs to be copied into you Railworks folder. (tile file patch standard.7z)
Or as a zip containing a software installer, which can be run from any location on your PC. (tile file patch auto.7z)

Installation instructions are also included within the zip files.

The patch includes Scenery tile files which reference commercial developers of train simulator products.
Any files that do so, must be freely available and must not require the end user to have a subscription to be able to acquire them.

On their own, the files contained in this patch are of no value to anyone, unless they have downloaded the main part of the route, they only hold “information” that is needed by the route.