West Coast Mainline Midlands and Northwest (aka – ‘Missing Link’)

West Coast Mainline Midlands and Northwest (aka – ‘Missing Link’)

4th August 2019 Off By SpeedyPete202

Phase 1 - Stafford to Liverpool Lime Street

Phase one of the West Coast Mainline Midlands and Northwest is the route between Stafford and Liverpool Lime street. This 60 mile route runs from the heart of Staffordshire, through Cheshire and into Merseyside. The route features some iconic landmarks including the Ethelfleda and Silver Jubilee bridges which span the river Mersey between Widness and Runcorn. Dutton Viaduct, which is the longest single viaduct on the WCML and spans the river Weaver near Acton Bridge.

'Missing Link' is a project to complete the WCML between London and Scotland. Originally Stafford to Preston was missing and it stood this way for a long time. Now the gap has been closed and before long, we hope eliminated altogether. This brings us to the next big project; In 2019 the full ECML was released for Train Simulator - this combination four routes was a groundbreaking achievement meaning that for the first time a non stop, full run between London and Scotland was possible. 393 miles of driving on the ECML was possible. Sadly the WCMl was not in the same boat. At that time the furthest north from London that was possible on Britain's busiest mainline was Birmingham. Now, the ultimate aim is to replicate the London to Scotland link on the west coast. Building London to Glasgow and Edinburgh via Birmingham and the Trent Valley will be an extensive project calling on the skills of numerous people. The route is hugely varied and will incorporate Britain's highest average speed long distance (non HS1) journey: London to Warrington.


Due for release sometime in late 2019 early 2020 WCML will include destinations all across the west side of Britain. We hope it will be the ultimate high speed, long distance driving experience in Train Simulator.


  • RSC Great Eastern Mainline
  • WCML Over Shap
  • DTG Liverpool to Manchester
  • DTG North Wales Coastal
  • OHLE Pack
  • Trent Valley*
  • UKTS Blocks & Lofts / Clutter / Buildings** Updates will remove these as requirements in future releases. The parts of the route using these files can be downloaded free in the supplementary files below.

Scenario Requirements

These aggregate requirements are purely related to the scenarios. You do not need these (or all of these) for the route to function.

  • AP Class 150/2 Pack
  • AP BR Mk2 Pack 02
  • AP Class 37 Pack
  • AP Class 319 Pack
  • AP JNA Wagon Pack
  • AP JXA Wagon Pack
  • AP Waggonz Class 313 Pack
  • AP Waggonz Class 90 Pack (both)
  • AP HST pack (Valenta & MTU)
  • DTG South Wales Coastal
  • DTG Class 150 Pack
  • DTG Class 220 Pack
  • DTG Class 390 Pack
  • DTG North Wales Coastal
  • DTG Portsmouth Direct (new one)
  • Jake Fuller Class 185 & Finchey 185
  • Just Trains FNA
  • Just Trains IPA
  • Just Trains Voyager
  • RSC WCML Over Shap
  • RSC Class 325 Pack
  • RSC Class 66 Pack 02 & 03
  • RSC Class 67 Pack
  • RSC Class 92 Pack
  • S9BL Class 390

Known issues

  • The OHLE will sometimes be slow to load around the Crewe area, especially on lower end computers.
    - Cause - The very large amount of loft items in the area. Crewe has a lot of tracks and many of them are electrified.
    - Fix - reduce scenery density or texture quality.
    - Development - We are working to add further lines to Crewe - once these are added we will optimize the area.

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Future phases

There are future phases for this route which will be released as they are completed. The overall route is proposed to connect Rugby, Preston, Liverpool and Manchester.

  • Phase 1  – Stafford to Liverpool – Release 04 Aug 2019
  • Phase 2 (Option 1) – Stafford to Birmingham
  • Phase 2 (Option 2) – Extension to Preston
  • Phase 3 – Crewe to Manchester Picadilly
  • Phase 4 – Colwich Jn. via Stoke-on-Trent to Manchester
  • Phase 5 (Proposed) – Rugby – Stafford

You can download alternative supplementary files for this route here

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