UK Pro Signal Lens Replacement Textures

UK Pro Signal Lens Replacement Textures

29th July 2020 1 By nymr1

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Replacement textures for the RSC/DTG UK Pro Signals (for all current routes that are supplied with them).

(Note: The textures featured on the non-LED signals can also be found in some of my other patches, in which case make sure to override those with the ones
included in this patch)

To Install just simply copy the ‘Assets’ folder to your main Train Sim installation folder and click yes to override all.

Routes included:

Liverpool Manchester (DTG)
GEML – London to Ipswich (DTG)
London Faversham High Speed (DTG)
Riveria Line (Modern) (DTG)
South London Lines (DTG)
WCML North, Over Shap, etc (UK Pro Signal Pack) (DTG)
ECML South – London to Peterborough (DTG)
Midland Mainline – London to Bedford (DTG)
South Wales Coastal (DTG)
Fife Circle (DTG)
North London Lines (and Goblin Line) (DTG)
Chatham Mainline (and Medway Valley) (DTG)
Netherfield (DTG)
North Somerset (DTG)
North Wales Coastal (DTG)
London Heritage Line (DTG)
Portsmouth Direct – Waterloo to Portsmouth (DTG)
South Western Mainline – Southampton to Bournemouth (DTG)
Woodhead in BR Blue (DTG)
Welsh Marches – Shrewsbury to Newport (BMG)
Wherry Lines (AP)
Edinburgh to Glasgow (DTG)
West Highland Line Extension – Fort William to Mallaig (TI/RG)
WCML Trent Valley (TI/RG)


V1.0 – Initial Release.
V1.1 – Patched Re-release version of Welsh Marches Route.

Created by Jake Fuller (2020).