13th September 2020 3 By Taylors Trains

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Hello and welcome to my first scenario!

This scenario see’s you driving a pair of CrossCountry turbostars on the final leg of their journey into Cardiff. A bit more of a detailed guide can be found in the read-me included with the download. Also just to note, this pack focuses on the all new Vulcan Productions Class 168/170 Air dam & Tripcock pack so enjoy!


Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 170 EP
Class 175 EP

South Wales Coastal (Brisol-Cardiff) discontinued as off 14/4/2020.
Class 150/2 pack. discontinued as off *I DON’T KNOW*

Major Wales Design:
Class 175 TFW
Scrolling destinations patch for the 175. *NOT REQUIRED BUT RECOMMENDED

Class 800/802 GWR
Class 166 GWR

Vulcan Productions:
Chiltern Class 168111 NHS Livery &Class 168/170 Air dam & Tripcock Pack
Arriva Cross Country Class 170 with various decals Pack

Recommended but not required:

SamT’s Class 165/166 Sound Mod