The Sutton and Mole Valley Line (BETA Release – W.I.P)

The Sutton and Mole Valley Line (BETA Release – W.I.P)

4th November 2019 7 By amaityard

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The Sutton and Mole Valley Line is the collective name for the route that stretches from London Victoria through to Epsom via Mitcham Junction on the Southern Metro Network, along with from London Bridge to Epsom via West Croydon.
The route has been a Work In Progress state for the past year and a bit, emaning thta it has been a long awaited release, which has slowly but surely made it to the BETA phase which it is currently in.
Now, this route is nowhere near completion, which is why it is classed as a BETA, due to lack of scenery along certain parts of the route and many issues which will have to be rectified at a later date.

What’s included?
Trackwork and partial scenery from London Victoria to Epsom via Mitcham Junction
Trackwork and partial scenery from London Bridge to Epsom via West Croydon
The Croydon Tramlink from Mitcham Junction to East Croydon Station (partially complete)
A re-worked London Bridge with updated platforms and trackwork
A few tweaks to the South London Lines route to make it more realistic

What are the Requirements?
Armstrong Powerhouse:
Track Enhancement Pack (Optional)
North London and Goblin Lines
North London Line
Portsmouth Direct Line (Updated)
Portsmouth Direct Line (old)
Ema – UKTS:
Jake Fuller:
VMS Signal Pack
Additional L3A Short Housing Head for UK Pro Signals
Stop Markers – Southern version
Just Trains:
Any route containing the common Library
Great Western Mainline
Frankfurt U-Bahn 1st Gen (although I believe the 2nd Gen should work fine)
Photons 66:
West Coast Mainline South
UK LED Signals
South London Lines
Brighton Mainline
Kent High Speed
Richard Scott – UKTS:
Addon (Tramlink stations and Tram) – UKTS
Alex55 (
WCML London and the Midlands v5 – London to Birmingham
NLL and Goblin lines platform texture upgrade (Optional)

Scenario requirements (only needed if scenarios are run):
Superalbs Class 700 pack
RSC Brighton Mainline
AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack (and requirements for the pack)
DTG Class 455/8 Southern
AP Class 319 Vol 1 EP (and requirements for the pack)
AP Waggonz Class 456
DTG Class 378
Portsmouth Direct Line
South London Lines
Richard Scott Tramlink (Croydon Tram)
Thompson Class 170
Superalbs Class 377/6 /7 reskin
Superalbs Class 387 Gatwick Express Reskin
Superalbs Class 387 Thameslink Reskin

Finally, as mentioned above this route is a Work In Progress and this is the first BETA release, so any feedback is welcome.