Pathfinder Tours “The Festive York & Durham Explorer

Pathfinder Tours “The Festive York & Durham Explorer

3rd November 2019 0 By catsrcool

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This is my attempt at replicating a Pathfinder Tours service that is running on 30/11/2019. So at the time of writing it has not run yet BUT it is based on the real schedule available online from Real Time Trains:
The number of AI services is as per the Working Time Timetable.
I strongly suggest that you have Async enabled as there are scheduled waits to let higher priority services to pass.

Scenario Requirements
DP Simulations East Coast Main-Line Northeast NOT North East England
Steam Class 66 Pack 02
Steam Class 66 Pack 03
Steam Class 801 Pack 01
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 156
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 50
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 90 Pack 02
Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Coaches
Just Trains Voyager 2019

Reskins & miscellaneous requirements
Class 66 LED lights
Class 66 GBRf
Voyager Consists pack
Class 43 VTEC/LNER pack
DBC & GBRf Container reskins
Class 801 LNER Azuma
Class 801 TPE
For a more realistic experience Armstrong Powerhouse Weather EP (optional)
The above requirements own dependencies as well.
Hyperlinks in the attached documents.