Manchester Stations to Huddersfield

Manchester Stations to Huddersfield

20th June 2020 51 By PenninePacer

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Update 1.01 22/06/2020 Removed old scenarios which were not deleted from the old route. There are no other changes & no need to re-download the route unless you don’t wish to see these scenarios.

Manchester Stations to Huddersfield features Manchester Victoria to Stalybridge, Deansgate to Stalybridge via Oxford Road, Piccadilly & Guide Bridge and Stalybridge to Huddersfield. Many custom stations, buildings, bridges & canals are also included.

The AI only AnsaldoBreda T68 LRV is included in 4 liveries with accurate body variations in each livery (apart from LED lights), as well as the AI only Class 323 EMU in 3 different liveries.

7 scenarios are included, as well as quick drive for the first time.

This download also contains commercial & house assets by Richard Maxted as generously permitted by the EULA, as well as 2 aspect LED signals & repeaters by Steve Green, used with permission.

Required DLC

• Payware
◦ Just Trains Common Library
◦ Liverpool – Manchester
◦ Midland Main Line London – Bedford
◦ Settle – Carlisle
◦ Woodhead in BR Blue

• Freeware
◦ UKTS Freeware Packs
▪ Blocks and Lofts
▪ Clutter
▪ Commercial
▪ Housing
▪ Industrial
▪ Railway Buildings

Each scenario has different requirements which are listed in the manual.