GBRf Class 69 Diesel Locomotive (EMD-710 Prototype)

GBRf Class 69 Diesel Locomotive (EMD-710 Prototype)

12th April 2019 2 By kevbutler66

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Before I start, please let me state that has been produced entirely on speculation of recent news.

GBRf have recently purchased 16 Class 56s from UK Rail Leasing, they will be fitted with EMD-710 engines, found also in the Classes 66 and 67. They will be reclassified as Class 69s. They are expected to enter traffic in 2020.

This is a Train Simulator representation, again based on speculation, of what a Class 69 could be. This unit uses Class 66 sounds to simulate that of an EMD-710 engine. This unit comes only as “69001” which will be the prototype for the Class 69 units.


Class 56 RF Sectors 

Class 56 Enhancement Pack AP

Class 66 Enhancement Pack AP