Ex-LNER (East Midlands Railway) HSTs

Ex-LNER (East Midlands Railway) HSTs

30th November 2019 1 By Clowes

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With stricter DDA and PRM-TSI regulations looming (1st Jan), EMR, LNER, Porterbrook and Angel Trains have reached a compromise. As the LNER Mk3s feature more in terms of DDA compliancy, they will replace the EMR Mk3s. Not only this, but a number of Power Cars will transfer too. A questionable decision to say the least, given the VP185 PCs EMR currently use are still going strong.

As more Power Cars see this attire, I’ll be updating this pack accordingly.

What’s included?
43302 – Full LNER (technically VTEC) livery with EMR branding
43274 – EMR Branded Half Red

European Loco & Asset Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 43 MTU Enhancement Pack
AlanThomsonSim VTEC & LNER HST Pack