Class 142 Revamp Pack

Class 142 Revamp Pack

5th February 2019 1 By Major Wales

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• Lights fix: now has Tail, Markers, Day and Night light settings.
• LED Marker lights no longer the same size as Headlights, also now look like LEDs.
• Old light clusters modified to look more old school/dirty.
• Updated textures – Reworked all exterior textures from scratch.
• Contains 4K body textures for ALL the default liveries.
• Includes brand-new normal map which is WAY more subtle than my previous one.
• Includes Ex-Arriva Trains Wales LED variant.

• Updated the input mapper to be closer to today’s AP standard.
Keys Changed:
• Guard wiper (Now on “N”)
• Guard buzzer (Now on “C”)
• DRA (Now on “Y”)
• Destination light (Now on “O”)
• Cab light (Now on “L”)
• High horn (Now on “B”)
• Low horn (Now on “Space”)
• Destination blinds (Now on F7/F8)

Special thanks to Ash Clark and Dan Holmes for their help on the scripting for both the lights and the Ex-ATW livery.

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 142

This WILL break any 3rd party reskins for the Class 142, so I’d recommend either waiting for a patch for said reskin, or making one yourself. Information is included on how to do this, and I’d recommend backing up any files you modify along the way, so that you have something to go back to in case something goes awry.