Class 142 Revamp Pack

Class 142 Revamp Pack

5th February 2019 1 By Major Wales

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• Lights fix: now has Tail, Markers, Day and Night light settings.
• LED Marker lights no longer the same size as Headlights, should be similarly sized to that of real life counterpart.
• Old light clusters modified to look more old school/dirty.
• Updated textures – Reworked all exterior textures from scratch. Now in 4K resolution.
• Includes brand-new normal map which is WAY more subtle than my previous one.
• Includes Ex-Arriva Trains Wales LED variant.

• Re-added the dirty/half-lit light textures as they were missing somehow.
• LED markers should now be more realistically sized compared to the headlights (was something like 75-85%, they are now 90%.)
• LEDs rescaled to coincide with increase in LED cluster size.

• Updated the input mapper to be closer to today’s AP standard.
Keys Changed:
• Guard wiper (Now on “N”)
• Guard buzzer (Now on “C”)
• DRA (Now on “Y”)
• Destination light (Now on “O”)
• Cab light (Now on “L”)
• High horn (Now on “B”)
• Low horn (Now on “Space”)
• Destination blinds (Now on F7/F8)

Special thanks to Ash Clark and Dan Holmes for their help on the scripting for both the lights and the Ex-ATW livery.

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 142