[ATD] Liverpool to Manchester Revamped Mini Scenario Pack 1

[ATD] Liverpool to Manchester Revamped Mini Scenario Pack 1

17th May 2019 0 By AverageTD

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This is a Mini Scenario Pack containing 5 scenarios for Joethefish’s excellent Revamped version of the Liverpool to Manchester via Warrington Central Route. Most of the details can be found in the readme but this section will explain some of what is included.

This pack includes 5 scenarios set beween the 15th and 18th of May 2019. I have used realtime trains for timings but I cannot promise the train numbers or classes are accurate. Here is a quick list of the scenarios included and the rolling stock used for the player train in each one:

S1:2O90 11:55 Liverpool Lime Street – Manchester Oxford Road. Class 142
S2:2O70 16:46 Manchester Oxford Road – Liverpool Lime Street. Class 150/1
S3:1L06 07:42 Liverpool Lime Street – Norwich. Class 158 Cummins
S4:1F94 19:50 Manchester Airport – Liverpool Lime Street. Class 150/2
S5:2Z96 12:11 Liverpool South Parkway – Liverpool Lime Street. Class 319

It’s recommended that you have all of the following for the pack to work properly but some DLCs are only used in certain scenarios or as static stock in others. I can’t guarantee that the scenarios will be completable with missing stock.

-Liverpool to Manchester Revamped + requirements (steam)
-South Wales Coastal Bristol Cardiff OR Bristol Swansea (steam)
-London Waterloo to Portsmouth Route (steam)
-GEML Route (steam)
-Class 159 DMU (steam)
-Class 150/1 DMU (steam)
-Class 156 DMU (steam)
-Class 390 Virgin Trains (steam). New Version
-Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
-Class 158 Perkins Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
-Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
-Class 175 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
-Class 350 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
-Class 142 DMU Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
-Class 150/2 DMU Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
-Class 319 Vol 1 EMU Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
-Class 313 EMU Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
-Class 185 Desiro Pack (Fuller Simulation)
-Class 175 Ex ATW reskin (Major Wales Design)
-Class 175 TFW reskin (Major Wales Design)
-Class 156 Northern Rail reskin (superalbs)
-Class 156 Arriva Rail North reskin (superalbs)
-M500 Metrolink (DPSimulation)

More information can be found in the readme about the pack. Feel free to leave any feedback or constructive criticism. If you have a problem with the installation also let me know in the comments. For this pack I have used a .rwp file.

I hope you enjoy these scenarios!