Airdrie to Helensburgh Central – BR Blue Class 303 Stopping Service

Airdrie to Helensburgh Central – BR Blue Class 303 Stopping Service

5th July 2020 0 By Wakeless

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Scenario title: [csw] Airdrie to Helensburgh CL303

12:04 2H28 Class 303 (6 car) stopping service from Airdrie to Helensburgh Central during summer 1982.

Calling at Coatdyke, Coatbridge Sunnyside, Blairhill, Easterhouse, Garrowhill, Shettleston, Carntyne, Bellgrove, High Street, Glasgow Queen Street, Charing Cross, Partick, Hyndland, Dalmuir, Dumbarton East, Dumbarton Central, Dalreoch, Cardross, Craigendoran.

Medium difficulty standard scenario for the Suburban Glasgow route.

Duration is 1hr 20mins (approx).

If using Armstrong Powerhouse Class 303 Sound Pack:
Press Ctrl+R at the beginning of the scenario to activate Guard Operated Doors.
Press F7/F8 to change train destination blind to ‘Helensburgh Central’.

DLC Required:
Suburban Glasgow route (Steam workshop version 6.0h with full detail pack, or bare detail pack with ‘Unrefurbished Class 303 Reskin Pack’ installed). Scenario will also work without West Highland Line South, West Highland Line Extension, Glasgow Airport Rail Link routes installed.
DTG Class 303
DTG BR Blue Pack
DTG European Loco and Asset Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class314/315 EMU Pack
DP Simulation Class 25 ‘Domino’ Texture Patch (headcode will display meaningless numbers if not installed)

Optional DLC:
Armstrong Powerhouse Sky And Weather Enhancement Pack (scenario will default to DTG weather if not installed)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 303 Sound Pack Pro (recommended)

How To Install:
Drag, move or copy ‘Content’ folder to your ‘Railworks’ folder.