WTT Scenarios – Working Timetable Scenarios – Scenario Pack 3 Midland Mainline Derby to Sheffield 2000

WTT Scenarios – Working Timetable Scenarios – Scenario Pack 3 Midland Mainline Derby to Sheffield 2000

6th November 2019 0 By WTT Scenarios

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Scenario Pack 3 Now Available

Scenario Pack 3 features 16 scenarios for the Just Trains Midland Main Line Derby to Sheffield route. Based on the Summer 2000 and Winter 2000/2001 timetables, a variety of passenger, charter, mail, and freight workings are represented. Available now from Alan Thomson Sim. https://alanthomsonsim.com/?download=505126

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Please ensure you have all of the specified requirements before purchasing

This pack has been researched using archive Working Timetables, rolling stock allocation and livery records, photographic records, and other source materials. What you see is hopefully a realistic representation of the varied workings and rolling stock to be seen between Derby and Sheffield during the year 2000, still the early days of privatisation.

In order to do this, many add-on products are utilised. There are sixteen scenarios, giving around eleven hours of driving time. Key features include :

* Drive classes 37, 43 (HST), 47, 56, 57, 66, 67, 156, 158, and 170.

* A mixture of fast and stopping passengers services, mail, charter, empty stock, works maintenance movement and freight workings.

* Variations in weather

* Operational requirements such as unit attachments, and end of day disposal.

* Infrastructue issues and operational challenges.

* Accurate A.I. traffic reflecting the appropriate timetable, with realistic stock allocations and liveries


Once you have downloaded the .zip file, extract the contents to a convenient place. Copy the enclosed ‘Content’ folder, and paste it into your Railworks folder – Generally found here, unless installed on a different drive :

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks

In the simulator all scenarios are prefixed :

[WTT] SP03 – xxxxxxxxxxx


1A51 17.14 Chesterfield to London King’s Cross “Twisted Spire”

Traction : 66211

Duration : 60 minutes

Route covered : Derby – Sheffield

Saturday 15th July saw Barrow Hill Roundhouse host an open day. You are in charge of the first leg of a returning Hertfordshire Rail Tours excursion that also gave the option of a trip along some freight only lines. Having visited Tinsley, Deepcar, and Bolsover Castle, the stock of this tour has been brought to Derby for servicing prior to returning to London. You will drive empty stock to Chesterfield where the return service will start. You will then call at Sheffield where those who have been to Barrow Hill for the day will rejoin the train. You will be following the northbound “Dorset Scot” from Derby. This loco will work to Retford, where it will hand over to 86243 for a dash up the East Coast Main Line.

1C11 06.36 Matlock to London St.Pancras

Traction : 170106

Duration : 22 minutes

Route covered : Ambergate – Derby

The recent introduction of class 170s on Midland Main Line has allowed various new services to be introduced. On a fine morning, you are driving one such service from Matlock as far as Derby. Joining the run at Ambergate you will be calling at Belper, and Duffield. In Derby this service combines with a another unit that starts in Burton-on-Trent, providing convenient through links.

1C20 08.06 Barnsley to London St.Pancras

Traction : 170114

Duration : 45 minutes

Route covered : Sheffield – Derby

On a fine August Friday, you are driving this Midland Main Line Turbostar service that provides a direct link for Barnsley and other destinations though to London. You will call at Chesterfield, Belper, and Derby. Another driver will then take over for the run to London. There is 40mph emergency speed restriction in force just to the north of Duffield station. This service will be overtaken by a Nottingham to St. Pancras HST at Leicester, allowing passengers to change and arrive in London twenty minutes earlier than if they remain on this train. All Midland Main Line class 170s are two-car sets at the moment, though ten centre cars are on order for delivery next year.

1E32 15.00 Bristol Temple Meads to Newcastle

Traction : 47772

Duration : 45 minutes

Route covered : Derby – Sheffield

On a pleasant Sunday afternoon you are in charge of this Virgin Cross Country service, one of only a few through this area that are formed with class 47s and mark 2 stock. Delays around Birmingham mean your service is around 20 minutes late, and will be following a Midland Main Line service from Derby. You call at Chesterfield, and Sheffield. Due to a shortage of class 47/8s, you have RES-liveried 47772 on hire from EWS.

1E39 14.08 Newquay to Leeds

Traction : 43111 + 43117

Duration : 40 minutes

Route covered : Derby – Sheffield

Under British Rail, Eastern Region HSTs were regularly employed on Cross Country weekend services during the summer. Last night one of Virgin’s HSTs failed to make it to Neville Hill, leaving them one short for the morning. Fortunately GNER, their maintenance provider at that depot, were able to field one of their own sets. It was thus hired and used on the Summer Saturday Newquay service, as this would return the set back to Neville Hill. You are in charge of the return working between Derby and Sheffield.

1F42 16.25 London St.Pancras to Sheffield

Traction : 43059 + 43077

Duration : 40 minutes

Route covered : Derby – Sheffield

On a fine late September afternoon, drive the last leg of this peak time departure from London to Sheffield. You will call at Chesterfield, and Sheffield. This set will then form the last southbound HST working to St.Pancras from Sheffield at 1924. The leading power car is one of the handful at this time fitted with the VP185 engine.

1M09 09.10 Nottingham to Liverpool Lime St

Traction : 158783 + 158847

Duration : 60 minutes

Route covered : Derby – Sheffield – Dore & Totley

On Summer Sundays, morning and early afternoon Central Trains services on the Liverpool – Norwich circuit run via Derby due to engineering works on the route via Alfreton. Drive a morning departure from Derby bound for Liverpool. You call at Chesterfield, Sheffield, and Dore & Totley. This is one of few Central Trains services that call at the latter station. As it is Sunday morning, weekly track patrols and inspections are taking place in several locations, and there may be some infrastructure issues.

1M99 06.05 Sheffield to Birmingham New Street

Traction : 47812

Duration : 40 minutes

Route covered : Sheffield – Derby

On a bitterly cold November morning, drive the first southbound Virgin XC service of the day from Sheffield. You will call at Chesterfield, and Derby. There is a 30mph TSR in place in the Dore area, and a 20mph TSR shortly after Chesterfield station. This service provides a commuter link to Birmingham, arriving at 0736. This loco’s diagram will see it visit Manchester, Bristol, Preston, and Blackpool North today, before finishing up at Longsight depot in Manchester.

1V64 14.06 Low Fell Royal Mail Terminal to Plymouth mail

Traction : 67009

Duration : 45 minutes

Route covered : Sheffield – Derby

On a wet May afternoon you are in charge of a southbound Royal Mail working between Sheffield and Derby. Loading and unloading has been completed at Sheffield and we are just awaiting our booked path behind the 1502 Newcastle to Plymouth Virgin Cross Country service. You will drive non-stop to Derby where further mail will be loaded and unloaded, and there you shall be relieved.

Note : There is a small glich affecting this scenario due to a TPWS grid (not present in 2000!). There are instructions in the scenario to avoid the problem.

1Y80 07.35 Chesterfield to Leeds

Traction : 156475

Duration : 20 minutes

Route covered : Chesterfield – Sheffield

On a wet Autumn morning, drive the first leg of one of Northern Spirit’s four departures of the day from Chesterfield. You call at Dronfield, and Sheffield. It’s slippery out there so be careful.

2Y72 11.13 York to Chesterfield

Traction : 158908

Duration : 25 minutes

Route covered : Sheffield – Chesterfield

On a September morning you are working one of the few Norhern Spirit services that provides a service at Dronfield, as well as between York and Sheffield via Pontefract. This daytime out and back working from York is normally worked by a class 153 unit, but today one of the class 158s owned by West Yorkshire PTE has been substituted following a failure.

4O31 14.35 Leeds Freightliner Terminal to Southampton

Traction : 57005

Duration : 30 minutes

Route covered : Clay Cross Jn – Derby

On an Autumn Saturday afternoon you are in charge of a southbound Freightliner working. Running a little early, you have been held at Clay Cross Junction in order to follow a southbound Virgin Cross Country service. You will drive as far as Derby where your relief is waiting.

5E31 06+43 Cardiff Canton CSD to Doncaster West Yard

Traction : 158843

Duration : 50 minutes

Route covered : Derby – Sheffield

On a Tuesday morning you are driving a Wales & West class 158 heading to Doncaster for a C4 overhaul. Unfortunately the transmission on the 57 car is not changing direction, meaning it is just idling and not providing power. This will be rectified during the overhaul. You are one of a handful of Gloucester-based Wales & West drivers who sign the route to Doncaster in order to perform these maintenance moves.

5F48 20+18 Sheffield to Derby Etches Park

Traction : 43083 + 43075

Duration : 55 minutes

Route covered : Sheffield – Etches Park depot

It’s a fine evening and this HST’s duties are done for the day, having just formed the 17.30 from St.Pancras. All that remains now is to head to Etches Park depot for overnight servicing and stabling.

6M47 09.25 Aldwarke to Wolverhampton Steel Terminal

Traction : 56105

Duration : 60 minutes

Route covered : Sheffield – Derby

You are in charge of a train of steel heading from Aldwarke in Rotherham destined for Wolverhampton Steel Terminal. Although booked for class 66 haulage, class 56s were regular performers on this flow at this time despite their depleted numbers. You have been regulated in Sheffield and will be driving as far as Derby.

7Z22 12.40 Oxcroft to Ironbridge Power Station MGR

Traction : 37503 + 37680

Duration : 45 minutes

Route covered : Chesterfield – Derby

The Winter is upon us and demands on power stations are increasing. Work an additional MGR service from Oxcroft (east of Chesterfield) destined for Ironbridge Power Station near Telford. As this is an additional working outside of the normal diagrams, Control have had to find spare traction. By coincidence, Toton depot had just released this pair of class 37s following preparation for this Autumn’s sandite season. As they required a trial run, this working seemed like a good opportunity!


In order to enjoy these scenarios you will require the following add-ons

From Just Trains :

* Midland Main Line : Derby – Sheffield route.

* Class 153 Advanced

From Steam :

* South Wales Coastal Bristol to Cardiff route

* European Loco and Asset Pack

* BR Regional Railways Class 101 Pack

* Freightliner class 57/0 loco add-on

* TS Marketplace BDA 80t Bogie Bolster wagon pack

From Armstrong Powerhouse :

* Wherry Lines Route

* Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol. 1

* Class 43 (Valenta) / Mark 3 Enhancement Pack #

* Class 43 (VP185) / Mark 3 Enhancement Pack #

* Class 56 Enhancement Pack #

* Class 66 Enhancement Pack #

* Class 67 Enhancement Pack #

* Class 101/117/121 Sound Pack Pro

* Class 142 DMU Pack

* Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack #

* Class 150/2 DMU Pack

* Class 156 DMU Pack

* Class 158 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack #

* Class 158 (Perkins) Enhancement Pack #

* Class 170 Enhancement Pack #

* Mark 1 Coach Pack

* Mark 2D – 2F Coach Pack

* HAA Wagon Pack

# – It is a given that the requirements associated with these products are also necessary.


Huge thanks to Alan Thomson for the encouragement to create this scenario pack and for hosting it on www.alanthomsonsim.com , and to all the developers whose creations have made these scenarios possible.